How do we gain credibility through our digital platforms?

Well to kick us off let me share my experience.

I use Instagram quite a bit, I especially enjoy the ads. Alright I know what you are thinking, they must be the most annoying thing about Instagram. And you would be right, however, they can serve a purpose other than attempting to burn a hole in your wallet. In fact, one of the best things about the ads is that they help me spy on my competition to see what I’m contending with.

You see, when I have a competitor show up with an intriguing ad, my initial response is not frustration or worry, but rather one of intrigue and curiosity. Frequently I will find myself following the link. Not to purchase anything that they are selling but rather to see how they are positioning themselves in the market.

Now usually this is in the form of a link that will take me to their social page, either Facebook or Instagram, but for the most part, I am not very interested in their social media. As a matter of fact, I’d rather choose to scour their website.

Why though? Surely their social media pages will tell me a lot about what they are doing or their past jobs etc? And this assumption would be correct, most of the time, however, I’m currently more interested in their professional presence rather than their social media highlight reel, which showcases the “glamour” that they have chosen to put on display to the world.

Websites are interesting in that they are the main source of information and pre-sales connection for many companies and yet they don’t seem to get the love and attention they deserve. Many brands tend to neglect their websites rather than treating it as one of their most valuable sales pitches.

The questions that have to be asked are. What does your website or lack thereof say about your business? And how can you improve it?

The Good News

If you have found yourself investing in a website a while back but just haven’t been able to keep it up to date as the trends have changed, that’s OK. Even if you have one that is relatively new but aren’t overly proud of it you are still a step ahead of the rest.

You see, the internet is still very young in South Africa and has a long way to go before we get to the likes of the US or Europe 2020. And that places us in the most exciting time for developing an online presence.

Why? Because the majority of your potential clients are yet to search for your product or service online. This means setting yourself up well now will position you for huge gains in the near future.

With 5G networks and data rates dropping slowly but surely, the number of people who are going to have access to this incredible tool of discovery that we call the internet is going to skyrocket in the next few years here in South Africa.

Are you ready?

But what if your brand doesn’t have a website yet? Why is that?

For many people, it’s because of some misconception that has been embedded into our minds that a decent website is incredibly expensive to design and build and that the maintenance will cost you an arm and a let to maintain.

Now while this might be true for many of the big, custom-built websites that are showcased by international billion-dollar companies, this isn’t always the case. As a matter of fact, it can be done quite simply, effectively while being quite affordable.

The purpose of a simple website is to showcase your brand and give your prospects a reason to engage with you.

Here are just a few elements that help with this.

  • A good layout.
  • Decent gallery images (if applicable to your industry)
  • Powerful testimonials.
  • Enough information to equip the client with some knowledge of what you do.
  • Contact information with a credible email address. (Gmail and Yahoo are a BIG ‘NoNo’ for a business)

OK but how much does a website cost?

Well in all honesty you can get all the necessary things onto a single page if you have all the right information. And the great thing is that single page websites have become a huge hit.

Keeping the details to a minimum causes companies to showcase their products in simple terms while covering all the basic questions a client could need to be answered. Think of it as the most efficient salesperson you have. Never sleeping, never over complicating things, just straight forward passion for your product 24/7.

How much would you pay for an employee like that?

Well, the great news is that a website to do this for you could cost as little as R2,500.00 per year including the hosting of the site and emails for an entire year.

Now, this price would vary depending on your needs and level of customisation you would like on your site. However, having something up and going to give a good impression of your business could really cost you this little.

If you’d like to see how we can make this happen for you, feel free to connect with us.

The best part about a website is that as your business grows, you can add more pages and more content. You can update every few years if needed and because of where we are with technology, keeping it up to date could be as easy as typing out a Word document and publishing it.

But for now, you have a credible piece of ‘digital real-estate’ that can start gaining you trust with your clients.


So what next? SHOW IT OFF!

A great marketing strategy for any growing business is to get EVERYONE to see what you are doing.

So when your website is done, it’s a reason to celebrate by sending out a blast on all mediums available to you. Tell your whole Facebook following, every person on your email list and every person on your phone contact list that you have a beautiful new website.

How does this help? Chances are that many if not most of the people in those groups don’t even know what you do.

Now they know what you do and that you are a serious player in the game.

The next time they need your services or are at a braai and someone mentions something about your industry, you will be the first one on their minds.

Now go out there and showcase your brand!

And if you need any help, or even some feedback on a current website and how to improve it, just leave a comment below.

Here’s to equipping your vision.