One Page Website Info

Why one page?

A one-page website is the most compact, inexpensive way to own your piece of real estate online. It’s a no-frills, to the point representation of your organization or yourself that doesn’t miss a thing.

We have made it as simple as possible to keep costs way down so you will be able to choose from our selection of pre-built templates which you can find here.

What is a domain and hosting?

You could consider a domain like your address on the internet. If someone wants to find you, they type in the address and will be navigated to your website.

The difference between a domain and hosting is that a domain is simply the address, the hosting is the actual land you are building on. 

Domains and hosting require yearly renewals and so are billed yearly. However, we do ask confirmation before going ahead with any renewals.

What all is included?

Domain and Hosting

You will get a domain name reserved for a year.

We will create up to 10 email addresses with your domain for professional email communication.



One-page website to share your presence with the world.

The basic option includes:

  • a top banner,
  • call to action,
  • about us,
  • contact information,
  • google maps integration,
  • social media sharing functions.

Please note that any design work and images need to be provided or quoted separately should you require custom imaging to be designed.

What we need from you

In order to speedily deliver your very own online experience, we would require the following things:

  • 3 options of domain names (ranked from most to least preferred)
    • We will need to confirm which are available before we purchase your space.
  • Logo (transparent background if possible)
  • Call to action text (eg. order now; contact us; find out more; etc)
  • About us information
  • Contact information
    • Address
    • Email address
    • Contact Number
    • Operating Hours
    • Any legal business details (eg. business reg number; VAT number; any T’s & C’s)

Having these things available, (including any additional information discussed) will allow us to offer you the fastest possible turn around times to have you up and running online.